St. Francis Xavier School differentiates itself from the other schools based on its philosophy of creating all rounded personalities rather than just lob sided academicians.

The objective of every educational institution is not only to create sharp minds but also responsible citizens of the country who have deep sense of responsibility towards our great nation and the society. Our students should not only be able to solve the toughest physics numerical but also be able to form an opinion on global warming, the politics of our country or for that matter on Bollywood.

We aim to nurture young minds and see them grow into dynamic adults who will be at ease once they leave the protected walls of this school and enter the wild world which is so different from the textbooks they read.

The school is co-educational with English as a medium of instruction. The normal entry point is in the Play Group at the age of 2+. Pupils are prepared to take the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and later, the Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examinations. Located in the heart of the city, the modern infrastructure aids in establishing an ideal ambience, for intellectual, spiritual and physical growth.


The year was 1982. Eduction at the foundation level was by and large, scattered and disorganized. Kids schools were in the hands of housewives wanting to reduce their boredom and earn some pocket money in the bargain. The observer was Mrs.Sheela Chopra, a housewife herself, time on her hands with a merchant navy officer husband. She recognized the agony of the parents looking for appropriate education of the young ones, who had the capacity to pay and, at the same time, wanted administrative convenience. A long – term plan germinated in Mrs. Sheela Chopra’s mind, with a dream to establish a model and progressive school, meeting the aspirations of the society, particularly the residents of Salt Lake.

A concrete, though of small beginning was made but the growth was made but growth was rapid. Some time later even the four hired premises were not enough. Due to the efforts of our founder we are now housed in a self-owned premises in Phoolbagan.


To evolve young minds into responsible citizens who can overcome hurdles of a global society while staying rooted to their intrinsic traditional values.

To ultimately shape up as a centre of education imparting excellence at all levels while simultaneously stressing upon mental, spiritual and physical development.

The end objective is to create caring, responsible and dynamic global citizens of tomorrow who are committed to the development of the nation.


  • To provide near ideal ambience, outstanding teaching resources and facilities to facilitate all round development.
  • To nurture and foster intellectual abilities.
  • To inculcate sense of values and purity of thought.
  • To encourage development of scientific and rational thinking.
  • To develop leadership and spirit of adventure.
  • To foster the ability to distinguish the right from the wrong, the facts from the myth and the grain from the chaff.
  • To encourage community feeling, a sense of justice and the quality of tolerance.
  • To develop self confidence through a sense of responsibility, devotion, patriotism and discipline.


Habits and learning begin at home! Yet scientific and organised inputs aided by proven techniques and apparatus and imparted by specially trained teachers significantly augment the learning process of babies. This pre-school stage helps in grooming the ideal, happy child. Dr. Maria Montessori prefected a system now recognised and accepted the world over. Faithful implementation of the system, however, is rare. At St. Francis International School, on the other hand, no corners are cut nor any short-cuts adopted. The desired progress of the child is our sole aim.

The child remains in the loving care of reputed teachers with relevant training from renowned institutions both India and Abroad. They also have years of successful experience behind them. Administrative inputs are provided by trained administrators, management and education consultants of long standing.

Once the child is under Our Care his/her progress upto Class XII is facilitated in an English medium primary, secondary and ‘plus two’ school affiliated to the ICSE and ISC. Parents are thus relieved of the hassles, tensions and expenses involved in gaining fresh admission into well known schools. The infrastructure, environment and facilities are near perfect. An updated computer system for learning and playing, modern equipment, toys, library and apparatus complete the scenario for the happy child.

Providing an ideal mix of the ‘modern’ and the Indian values, cultures and ethos is a priority area making St. Francis International School an automatic choice for pre-school development of young minds upto the higher secondary level.

The admissions process for the Academic Session 2017-18 shall open on the 31st of September, 2016 for Classes I-IX & XII.